Condiments Bottling Line

Vinegar Bottling Line
High-speed pneumatic electro-filling valve has features of last filling speed, no dead angle, easy to clean, and double-step filling, which effectively solves the foaming issue of vinegar bottling. In traditional negative pressure vinegar bottling design, the vinegar foam is very difficult to remove thoroughly, and at low temperatures in winter, it only can be filled after heated to a certain temperature above. Based on the above observation, nova adopts the new patent design to efficiently deal with the issue of air bubble for vinegar bottling, no foaming remained in the bottle. In addition, the new design is not restricted by the environment temperature, so filling at ambient temperature in winter is available with steam & thermal energy saving, and environmental protection.

Filling system is configured with a horizontal bearing to support the smooth operation of filling adopts bottom holder to guarantee accurate cantering, no harm on the bottle and accurate sealing between bottle mouth and filling valve, Filling bowl can lift freely when changeover, it's very convenient to change related parts without any tools: Any part contacts vinegar is made of high-quality stainless steel and seal materials, with corrosion resistance.

Filler - Capper Block, frequency control with advanced PLC system, convenient operation, easy maintenance, stable performance.

A high - speed rotary rinser or bottle washer prior to filling ensures glass bottles are clean thoroughly.
Soy Sauce Bottling Line
Soy sauce is made from protein-rich beans and starch-rich grains as its main raw materials, which decompose and mature under the catalysis of the microbial enzyme, finally, the soy sauce is extracted by leaching.

Traditional soy sauce filler in common has issues of heavy bubbling, poor filling level precision, and strong corrosion of seals due to high salinity. For this reason, nova adopts a pneumatic electro-filling valve to fill the soy sauce as the latest industrial solution.

Machine Features:
1) Pneumatic driving electro-filling valve with negative pressure in the filling end to reduce dripping.

2) Adopt double-step filling to solve the foaming issue. At the end of filling, the negative pressure channel opens to take out the bubble from the bottleneck for the second step fill.

3) Minimize the use of valve seals with lone service life to improve work efficiency.

Bottling Line Suitable for Chinese Spirits, International Spirits, Red Wine

1) The spirits bottling line mainly includes bottle feeding, washing, rinser-filler-capper, blow off, inspection, coder, labeling, inner packing, carton packing, palletizing, etc.

2) Less space occupation and one operator needed for advanced rinser-filler-capper, E-valve rinser realizes RO water & aseptic air drying before filling. The filler adopts a mechanical valve of flowmeter E-valve to ensure the accurate filling within 1.0ml: Anti-dripping design avoids product waste: Safety design with negative pressure inside filling bowl and valve head parts to prevent spirits escape.

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