Laser Fume


Working in these occasions will produce a large amount of smoke, toxic gases and fine dust that are harmful to the human body. For example, when laser cutting leather, it will produce strong smoke, a lot of dust, and a pungent odor. The smoke purification equipment can immediately purify and treat the above-mentioned more serious pollutants, and the purified clean air can be directly discharged indoors without external pipes.

Inlet φ75mm
Input Voltage AC220v 50Hz
Input Power 330w
Air Volume 450 m³/h
Filter Effect 0.5μm99.99%
Noise ≤65dB 
Dimensions L440*W340*H520mm
Weight 25kg
Product Features
1. Appearance And Structure
#The appearance is simple and elegant, stable and elegant. The integrated design of the fuselage adopts a metal frame structure and high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying technology, which is durable and durable. With a brushed stainless steel panel, it is more classic and delicate, refreshing!
#Universal casters are installed at the bottom for easy movement.
#Install a humanized step-less speed regulator, which can adjust the air volume and suction power at will.

2. Fan:
#Using DC brushless motor, reliable performance, and long life cycle.
#Stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and long working hours. No regular maintenance is required, and the cost is lower.
#The wind wheel adopts an eddy current backward design and special alloy material to effectively prevent the wind wheel from being corroded. The unique dynamic balance correction technology makes the wind wheel run more stable and reliable. High air volume, super suction, higher filtration rate.
3. Filter System:
#Using a quadruple filter design. Filter layer by layer to ensure that harmful smoke and dust are filtered out more thoroughly. The purification rate can reach 99.99%.
#Modular design, layered protection. Each layer of the filter element can be replaced separately, the filter element has a longer service life and lowers replacement cost.
#The unique internal sealing structure, coupled with special sealing materials, enables all harmful substances to pass through the filtering system, and the filtering efficiency is higher.
#Built-in circulating active filtering method to avoid exhausting indoor air-conditioning/heating to the outside, and does not destroy the temperature and humidity environment of the operating area.
4. Smoke Collecting Device
#The machine can be equipped with a universal smoking arm, which can change direction and self-position at will (length can be customized according to customer requirements). Can also be connected to a hose. The end is equipped with a large smoke collecting hood, and the smoking range is wide.
#Easy to install, easy to use, with an external exhaust vent, which can be connected to a pipe.
5. Safety Ccertification And Ddesign Standards, National Patents
#Comply with CE, UL, WHO certification, safe and reliable.
#Rely on design standards: ''Indoor Air Quality Standards'', GB21551.1-2008, GB/T 18801.
#Obtained the national design patent and the utility model patent of the whole machine structure, counterfeiting must be investigated

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